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SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11

The audio interface with sound processor “SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11/12” (SRS Voice Changer) is the main component of “SRS Anonymity System”.


The audio interface with sound processor “SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11/12” is DSP-based and utilizes a unique algorithm of vocoder transformation of speech signal with modification of voice individual characteristics excluding the possibility to recognize witness or victim by his/her voice at stating evidence.

“SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11/12” allows deletion of speaker’s original intonation and creation of monotonous intonation of the voice. The original speakers’ voices characteristics are replaced by the preset ones. As a result of this transformation, the voice becomes unrecognizable, though its intelligibility is preserved and all modified voices sound practically with the same timbre.

voice changer, audio interface, voice distortion

SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11

This device ensures impossibility to restore the original voice by the same device or by means of the audio editors like Magix Samplitude, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, etc.

The design of “SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11/12” excludes the possibility oftransmission of original/unmodified voice to the courtroom. This device is available as desktop (“SRS Femida Audio Interface VC12″) or rack-mount 19” (“SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11”) model.

Main features

  • Provision of unrecognizability of victim’s voice;
  • Modification and broadcasting of speech signal, taken from the microphone or other external source in real time;
  • Provision of intelligibility of modified speech;
  • Secure un-reversible voice changing;
  • Selection of the voice modification modes (timbres) – low/high;
  • Elimination of voice prosodic individualities (monotony);
  • Automatic adjustment of level of microphone input signal;
  • Connection to audio equipment and to PC through analogue and digital interfaces.


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