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SRS Anonymity System is a hardware and software system, designed for witness and victim protection ensuring his/her unrecognition while stating evidence at criminal proceeding by means of voice and video modification without possibility to restore the original voice.

The application of SRS Anonymity System allows preventing multiple cases when victims and witnesses refuse or avoid stating evidence in criminal proceedings.

Previously, when there was no special equipment for voice modification, the witness had to answer questions in a written form in a separate room. It was uncomfortable and caused numerous complaints from advocates. Now the virtual presence of the witness in court satisfies both parties.

  • SRS Anonymity System is used within the witness protection program, as it implies modification of witness’s voice and ensures security of victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal proceeding.

    During the court proceeding the witness is in a separate room – “secret room”, which may be either in the court building or outside it.

    The audio and video from the courtroom are broadcasted to the “secret room” and the witness’s modified voice is broadcasted to the courtroom. If needed, video of the witness is broadcasted to the judge’s personal monitor to identify the witness. The connection is established via LAN or Internet through the secure channel with application of special hardware. The audio and video are transmitted without delay and quality loss.

  • SRS Anonymity System enables virtual presence of witness at criminal proceeding, and his/her anonymity by means of the voice modification at stating evidence.

    The voice modification system SRS Voice Changer ensures non-restoration of the modified voice at sufficient speech intelligibility.

    Modification of victim’s or witness’s voice enables conduction of their examination without declaring their identities.


SRS Anonymity System includes the voice modification system, microphone system, video system, public address system and data transfer system over network or can use the corresponding equipment installed in the courtroom.

SRS Anonymity System is seamlessly integrated with the Court Recording System SRS Femida.

voice modification scheme

Voice Modification Scheme


    • Microphone system (microphones, preamplifier/mixer);
    • Public address system (preamplifier, acoustic system);
    • Video system (monitor, video cameras, multiplexer);
    • Equipment for audio/video data transfer via IP network (optionally).
    • Voice modification device “SRS Femida Audio Interface VC11/12/13“;
    • Microphone;
    • Headset;
    • Video system (monitor, video camera);
    • Equipment for audio/video data transfer via IP network (optionally).


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