Voting Systems

Audience Response System XPRESS

XPRESS is an audience response system that enhances interactivity in lectures,audience_response_system_2 conferences and presentations.

Audience response system XPRESS allows you to receive instant feedback from users at any time.

By using it, you can display or speak prepared questions, students key in their answers anonymously with their remote controllers and responses are tallied.

Easy Steps in using audience response system XPRESS

Step 1: Create multimedia presentations with polling & quiz in MS PowerPoint

Step 2: Teach, collect & assess your students

Step 3: Answer collection & auto-marking in examination mode

Step 4: Immediately report generation to get the feedback in a systematic way



  • Quiz & Test
  • Buzz-In
  • Student Examination
  • Voting & Survey
  • Corporate Training
  • Marketing Events
  • Games & Contests


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