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audio interface, witness protection

SRS Femida Audio Interface VC13

The audio interface with sound processor “SRS Femida Audio Interface VC13” is the main component of the complex “SRS Anonymity System”.

This audio interface is designed for real time voice modification. The device is intended to ensure the unrecognizability of the protected person (witness, victim etc.) during the court proceeding and can be used with various videoconferencing systems.

The audio interface is a stand-alone full-featured device that is DSP-based and does not require connection to PC for its operation.

Main Features

  • Real time voice transformation;
  • Elimination of individual voice and gender signs;
  • Automatic and manual modes of voice transformation;
  • Broadcast of the unmodified voice is excluded for automatic mode;
  • Impossibility of the original voice restoration for automatic mode;
  • Separate adjustment of formant shift and main tone shift for manual mode;
  • Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs / outputs;
  • Input level peak indicator;
  • Manual level adjustment for analog inputs;
  • AGC and threshold noise reduction for inputs audio signals.


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