Digital Court Audio and Video Recording System "SRS Femida"

The Court Recording System "SRS Femida" is our innovative solution, designed for Court/Hearing/Meeting Rooms, which exercises digital multi-channel audio and video recording and automates court reporting due to unified and expendable templates of court proceedings.

Main features

Nowadays the Court Recording System “SRS Femida” is successfully used in the supreme and constitutional courts, courts of appeals and district courts in more than 10 countries of the world including implementations within World Bank projects, USAID projects and government programs.

Main Features of Court Recording System "SRS Femida"srs_femida_scheme_en_4

  • Digital 2, 4, or 8-channel audio recording
  • Digital video recording (optional)
  • Creation of electronic court reports based on unified and extendable templates
  • Instant playback and review with audio/video and text synchronized
  • Saving and backup of data on hard drive, CD/DVD discs, network resources
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 compatible
  • "Client - server" architecture support
  • Single window point-to-click user interface
  • Disaster recovery option
  • Integration with existent third party court case management systems
  • Watchdog system


Advantages of Court Recording System "SRS Femida"

  • Complete legitimacy of all electronic documentation and records, their copies provided by digital signature
  • Special editor for composing and customization of unified electronic court reports, event logs, annotations of court proceedings
  • Strict security – data protection from modifications and tampering both in the record-mode and in the storage-mode, access restriction, confidentiality
  • Court report generation in RTF format without the necessity to install the additional text editor
  • Complex voice signal enhancement – noise and interferences reduction
  • Basic PC skills needed for SRS Femida application, no speed typing experience needed
  • Customizable hotkeys for recording and playback
  • Stationary and portable solutions of the court recording system
  • No additional downloads required to playback records
  • Easy installation, training and operation


The Court Recording System "SRS Femida" is a comprehensive solution providing legitimacy of recording, court reporting and duplicating of all documents and corresponding records.

The Court Recording System "SRS Femida" offers digital audio and video recording, annotation, playback, transcribing, report creation and editing facilities that have been designed to support and enhance current court procedure.

The Court Recording System "SRS Femida" is easy to use,documents_going_in_one
which in turn substantially facilitates the process of preparation of court reports due to a special editor with application of unified and customizable templates of court proceedings.

The special editor carries out complete fixation of all court proceedings in chronological consecution (event log) and simultaneous synchronization of these proceedings to corresponding audio and video segments of records. The synchronization of audio and video to text gives an instant access to the required court event. If needed a court secretary can create a verbatim transcript of the total trial or its fragment. While reading this verbatim transcript one can simply click on any word in the text and the playback of the corresponding passage of the record will be automatically launched. And this is an undeniable advantage of SRS Femida in comparison with analogous court recording systems.

Within the Court Recording System "SRS Femida" all channels can be played back together giving a verbatim record of the proceedings or single channels can be isolated during playback for review.

Transcribing mode with foot pedal playback control function and speech speed variation without pitch affecting helps the court secretaries to prepare court reports more comfortably and effectively.

The Court Recording System "SRS Femida" is compatible with standard hardware, but for better results Special Recording Systems, Ltd. produces high-quality multi-channel microphone preamplifiers.

The court proceeding materials (audio and video records, reports) can be played back and viewed from CD at any multimedia PC without installation of additional software.
The full-functional installation of the systems, their technical support and servicing are provided in any region due to the available dealers networks. The installation, maintenance of the equipment and special software will be carried out by highly qualified engineers, who will prepare the complex for work, accomplish its testing, train the personnel and perform the test court proceeding.

The Court Recording System "SRS Femida" cuts costs, saves time consuming, streamlines resources and offers an accurate and reliable courtroom solution to guarantee transparency of court proceedings.


Comprehensive solutions for courts

Special Recording Systems, Ltd. offers the following additional systems for provision of up-to-date technological environment for court proceedings:

Special Recording Systems, Ltd supplies comprehensive solutions for courtrooms including the Digital Court Audio and Video Recording System "SRS Femida" which is hardware and software based  and additional high-tech systems for courts. 

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