Conference Systems

Special Recording Systems, Ltd offers technical and innovative solutions for all of your conference system needs.

Conference Systems are advanced, user-friendly, compact and lightweightconferencing_system_4
systems where they provide flexible management facilities for all types of conferences, from small, informal gatherings to international, multi-lingual congresses with thousands of delegates.

They are simple to use, interactive and highly versatile, providing both the chairman and delegates extensive advanced features that enhance the communication process and ensure the smooth running of a great convention.

Conference systems are designed for both tabletop and half-flush mounting, offer a multifunctional conferencing solution integrated with microphone discussion, electronic voting, attendance registration, chairman priority, LCD display, built-in loudspeaker, headphone listening, chipcard reading, camera tracking, digital recording and software control.

Delegate Unitsdelegate_unit_2

Depending on conference-room design delegate units can be either tabletop or half-flush mounted. The delegate units can be equipped with loudspeakers, chipcard readers for user identification etc. Chairman units usually have a priority button to mute/override active delegate units. Now there is no need to re-equip tables and put cable lines, as wireless RF or IR delegate and chairman units are available. Advanced digital units of conference participants are even equipped with electronic volume control and echo cancellation.

Central Control Unit provides coordinated operation of all conference system units and its additional systems.

Video Conferencing Solution

To enhance your existing meeting room and control over conferences and other video_tracking
meetings you can install video surveillance cameras. This will provide an excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for natural interaction and collaboration.

Digital conference system LAS LS-1660Z

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