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Digital Language Laboratory (Classroom Management System) "NetClass Plus"

netclassplus3Let us introduce our Classroom Management System with Digital Language Laboratory NetClass Plus.
NetClass Plus consists of Classroom Management System and modern Digital Language Laboratory.
NetClass Plus is universal and versatile learning software with user-friendly interface and module-based architecture. It is based on up-to-date audio-visual technologies with many tools which are able to considerably improve the efficiency of study of foreign languages and other subjects and which are available for teachers. You can use various modern teaching materials (texts, images, audio, video) on different topics.



Digital Language Laboratory (Classroom Management System) "NetClass Pro + DLL"


Digital Language Laboratory NetClass PRO is a complex solution which includes:

  • Classroom Management System
  • Digital Language Laboratory
  • Audio/Video Equipment Management System NetClass PRO AV Control.

When combined with the Digital Language Laboratory NetClass Pro+DLL becomes a full-functional and comprehensive digital language laboratory.




Multimedia Presentation Equipment and Systems

Equipment to make amazing and involving presentations, discussions, meetings, negotiations, trainings etc.



eLearning Systems

eLearning is a new way of organization of learning process based on application of vast IT possibilities.


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