System "SRS Voice Recorder"

SRS Voice Recorder has been designed for multichannel recording of voice information transmitted through telephone, radio and microphone for a long period. The recording system makes possible immediate playback without affecting the current recording.

SRS Voice Recorder (EN)SRS Voice Recorder enables to turn a standard multimedia computer or a notebook into a multichannel digital recorder.

The phonograms are recorded into a hard disc supposing a changeable carrier archivation feature. The standard voice cards are used as input device.

At recording files - phonograms are created with unique names including the data about the recording channel name, time (the accuracy is up to a second) and date of the file creation.

SRS Voice Recorder has an option of search for necessary records by channel number, date, time, duration, comment and  caller's number.


Main Features
  • Recording channels from 2 up to 64;
  • Recording from any audio signal (telephone line, broadcasting devices, microphone);
  • Operating system Windows XP/7/8.1;
  • Compression algorithms, including PCM, A-Low, u-Low, IMA ADPCM;
  • Data logging and log saving in the foramt "channel number, date, time, duration, comment, caller's phone number";
  • Start recording either on input signal level, or on peeking up the receiver, or on an operator's command;
  • Direct control of any recording channel during record session;
  • Fast search and immediate playing of any phonogram, without stopping the current records;
  • Remote phonogram playback at any multimedia PC through LAN;
  • Digital transcribing available (playback control via foot pedal and playback speed control to facilitate transcribing);
  • Phonograms search by creation time or comment;
  • Archivation both in automatic and manual modes.
Fields Of Application
  • Dispatch centers of energy services and railway, sea, river, auto transport services;
  • Dispatch centers of emergency services;
  • Security and guard services;
  • Exchange and bank information services;
  • Parliaments, conference-rooms, meeting rooms;
  • Jurisprudence
  • Insurance Service
  • Bureaus
  • Traveling Agencies
  • Journalistics etc.
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