Real-Time Transcribing System "SRS Report"

The Real-Time Transcribing System "SRS Report" is intended for long multichannel speech recording and its further listening by transcriptionists for creation of textual reports (both in the real-time and postponed modes), and also for further speech recording analysis and archiving.

Main Features

Playback speed changing

Due to this feature an transcriptionist can choose the playback speed corresponding to the speed of typing. When the speech is played at a changed speed, it remains natural and intelligible. Thus each transcriptionist types with the maximal efficiency and speed.

Combined text editor and wave player

The standard text editor with wave player functions is used in the system for typing. When transcriptionists type the text, they can control the playback to rewind, to loop the sound and to change the speed of playback. And of course the text editor is enabled with spell checker, macroses and formatting.

Text linked to sound

An important feature of this editor is automatic linking of the text to the sound, which makes the correction easier. Any time when necessary, it is very easy to find the speech corresponding to the certain fragment of text.

Advantages of the System
  • More preferable accuracy in making the text of speech comparing to traditional method which is usually used for real time reporting (shorthand machine or "stenomask");
  • Fast transcription - the complete transcript of an event can be obtained in few minutes after the event is finished;
  • Information protection - transcriptionists can hear only small portions of speech and don't have access to the whole audio information.

scheme report

How it works

Transcripts are made manually by transcribers or automatically by an automatic speech recognition system.
Audio/video signal can be captured and stored on hard drive by recording station or imported from removable storage devices and stored centrally. The recorded audio is divided into separate fragments to be distributed between transcribers or automatic speech recognition servers for transcribing. Text pieces are gathered into single final document and, when revised and corrected, can be published.

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